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All my life I have been fortunate enough to go to Sardinia for six weeks every summer. My mum is Sardinian and so in order for us to visit family, we HAD to go to Sardinia every summer…poor us. This meant going to the beach every day for a full six weeks, about 42 days a year. Also, not just any beach but a beach with the most spectacular water in the world. Needless to say that Sardinia and the sea occupy a large part of my heart. I simply cannot imagine a life without them.


Going to the beach for this much time meant having plenty of bikinis to switch between as these were essentially my daily outfits. As the years went by the bikinis I wanted got harder and harder to find. This is because I have become ever more demanding on the fabric, the style, the eco-friendliness, the affordability and the durability. I made a vow to myself that I would not buy a bikini unless it was made out of ECONYL and I know that the company I am buying from is ethical with its workers. As an eco-conscious 24 year old, I wanted bikinis that were kind to the planet but also sexy. However, I kept running into a number of issues:


  1. The eco-friendly swimwear brands were catered to older women with very reserved styles that did not cater to the tan lines I was trying to achieve.
  2. The eco-friendly swimwear brands were also extremely expensive, therefore, not accessible for someone who wears about 10 different bikinis each summer. However, I do not mind splashing out a little more cash if I know that these bikinis will last me a while.
  3. The sexier and more flattering designs were never in recycled fabric or ECONYL. These younger designs were always in less-than-ideal fabrics being sold by questionable brands.
  4. The more flattering designs were also being sold by fast-fashion brands which are renowned for being made of poor quality materials that will last you 2 washes (if you are lucky).


These 4 major issues are what drove me to find the solution myself, instead of relying on external brands. My mission with NABANA is exactly this: create beautiful, eco-friendly, durable and affordable swimwear that is accessible to all. We all deserve to feel sexy and beautiful on the beach, whilst also not feeling the guilt of buying into unethical fast-fashion brands which ruin the very sea that we are bathing in. We are also responsible for making good choices with regards to the planet, which is in desperate need of all the help we can give it. In the future, I hope to partner up with charities that share the same goal of saving the oceans. I hope that you will join me in this journey towards a better planet, one bikini at a time.


Thank you to each and every one of you that reads, interacts, buys and supports NABANA. It means the world to me x

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