NABANA Swim has been a dream come true. It was born out of the necessity and desire to positively contribute to our planet's health. It combines my top priorities in a swimsuit: sustainable, high quality and flattering. After years of settling for less-than-ideal alternatives, the time had come to finally create swimwear that combined all three elements.
Swimwear has always been important for me having grown up in Sardinia, Italy every summer of my life. In the summer, swimsuits and bikinis are my most worn outfit, therefore, it was essential that these swimsuits were high quality and durable. These swimsuits also had to be flattering, as we all want to feel confident at all times. They are designed with minimalism in mind as they are timeless pieces, which can be worn year after year.
Most importantly, these swimsuits were created with the utmost respect to nature. The nature which surrounds us is the sole inspiration which drives our sustainability objectives. Sustainability will always be NABANA's core value and it will never be sacrificed for a swimsuit's style, colour, fabric or shape.